Calla: Next-gen Voice and Video Chat


Natural Conversations

Voice and video chat that simulates natural conversation. Volume scales with distance from other users. Walk around, talk to folks, have private conversations by huddling in a corner, or drop in on other conversations. Ideal for meetups!

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Break out of the box

Traditional "grid of faces" teleconferencing is designed for presentations, not conversations. The presentation and audio processing prioritize one speaker over all others. All participant voices sound like they are coming from the same, disembodied location. Everyone is lined up in a rigid grid, like you're facing down a tribunal interrogation.

Give form to voice

Stereo audio channels pan as users move left/right of each other. This makes it easy to differentiate voices and makes conversations feel more natural and fluid.

Group up

As you get further away from other users, their volume decreases naturally. You can use this to group up with other people in the space, having a side bar conversation between yourselves, while still maintaining awareness of the larger group.


Calla is open source software. Following the instructions in the README, you can install your own copy of Calla on your own server and create your own, custom maps for rooms. Or, create your own interface entirely.

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Made by

Sean T. McBeth

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